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Welcome to The Rainier Law Group, PLLC, a leading provider of legal services in the areas of gun rights, vacating and expunging criminal-history records, commercial collections, and litigation.  From our offices in Bellevue we serve clients in all Washington state communities, including Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, King County, Snohomish County, Pierce County, and Kitsap County.

The law firm’s principal attorney is David M. Newman, who has practiced mediations, arbitrations, court hearings, trials, and appeals in Washington since 1994.

The Rainier Law Group, PLLC, is a law firm with a different approach to serving clients. Washington gun rights attorney and principal firm lawyer David M. Newman explains it this way:

"A person seeking a lawyer’s assistance usually is not looking for a new friend, but looking for the solution to a problem.  I help my clients solve problems.

"Clients usually reach me on the first try, but if they do not, I will return their calls promptly.  Clients will not hear me talking down to them.  Even a simple thing in law can be complex, but if I have not explained it in terms that make sense to the client, then I have not done my job.  Knowledge is power, and I want my clients to have as much power as possible.  I like to explain the options – good, bad, and neutral – and help the client make a decision that works for the client."

Check the Client Testimonials page of our website to see how our clients react to the client-focused approach of attorney David M. Newman and The Rainier Law Group, PLLC.

Contact our office for a free consultation if you need to restore firearm rights, expunge a criminal record, or collect from a debtor.

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