Commercial Collections

Business disputes raise complex legal issues that demand the help of a skilled business lawyer. The Rainier Law Group, PLLC, has wide experience representing small businesses and individuals involved in commercial disputes and other lawsuits. The law firm represents clients in many types of disputes and litigation, including:

  • Commercial collections
  • Promissory notes
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Contracts
  • Judgment enforcement
  • Wage and bank garnishments
  • Supplemental proceedings and debtor exams


To guard against costly lawsuits, the law firm provides practical legal advice to clients before they enter a contract, or during the initial stages of a contract dispute. The law firm is skilled and experienced in negotiating, drafting, and litigating contracts, in addition to analyzing and detecting defects in contracts which clients have already signed.


The Rainier Law Group, PLLC, represents lenders and small businesses in collection matters. When a client is owed money, the law firm utilizes all collection and enforcement tools the law provides to collect from the debtor, including judgment enforcement, wage garnishment, bank-account garnishment, asset seizure, supplemental proceedings, and negotiated debt settlements. Business clients value the law firm's skill and speed in commercial collections. The firm works closely with clients to develop out-of-court settlement strategies, backed by the power of judgment-enforcement tools, to motivate debtors. The Seattle-area collection lawyer can do what it takes to collect for its clients.

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